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CZ Return flights from zł3,186
Dep. Wed 24/May/17Ret. Sat 27/May/17Economyzł3,186
Dep. Tue 02/May/17Ret. Sun 28/May/17Economyzł3,497
Dep. Tue 25/Apr/17Ret. Fri 19/May/17Economyzł4,031
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economyzł4,040
Dep. Tue 18/Apr/17Ret. Sun 14/May/17Economyzł4,066
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł4,463
Dep. Mon 03/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł5,273
Dep. Wed 05/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł5,273
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Mon 24/Apr/17Economyzł5,706
Dep. Thu 29/Jun/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł5,920
Dep. Wed 05/Apr/17Ret. Sat 22/Apr/17Economyzł5,931
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Mon 22/Jan/18Economyzł6,298
Dep. Sun 02/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł6,775
KL,MU Return flights from zł3,322
Dep. Tue 02/May/17Ret. Sun 28/May/17Economyzł3,322
Dep. Wed 24/May/17Ret. Sat 27/May/17Economyzł3,536
Dep. Tue 18/Apr/17Ret. Sun 14/May/17Economyzł4,743
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł5,060
Dep. Tue 25/Apr/17Ret. Fri 19/May/17Economyzł5,368
Dep. Thu 29/Jun/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł7,081
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Mon 22/Jan/18Economyzł7,117
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Mon 24/Apr/17Economyzł8,778
Dep. Sun 02/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł9,283
BA,MU Return flights from zł3,458
Dep. Tue 02/May/17Ret. Sun 28/May/17Economyzł3,458
Dep. Wed 24/May/17Ret. Sat 27/May/17Economyzł3,719
Dep. Tue 18/Apr/17Ret. Sun 14/May/17Economyzł5,032
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł5,126
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Mon 24/Apr/17Economyzł7,496
Dep. Wed 05/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł11,062
Dep. Thu 29/Jun/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł13,122
CZ,KL Return flights from zł3,479
Dep. Tue 02/May/17Ret. Sun 28/May/17Economyzł3,479
Dep. Wed 24/May/17Ret. Sat 27/May/17Economyzł3,591
Dep. Tue 25/Apr/17Ret. Fri 19/May/17Economyzł3,947
Dep. Tue 18/Apr/17Ret. Sun 14/May/17Economyzł4,206
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economyzł4,247
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł4,625
Dep. Thu 29/Jun/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł5,396
Dep. Mon 03/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł5,705
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Mon 22/Jan/18Economyzł5,793
Dep. Wed 05/Apr/17Ret. Sat 22/Apr/17Economyzł5,911
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Mon 24/Apr/17Economyzł6,027
Dep. Wed 05/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł6,195
Dep. Sun 02/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł6,961
BA,MU,UX Return flights from zł3,529
Dep. Tue 02/May/17Ret. Sun 28/May/17Economyzł3,529
BA,KL,MU Return flights from zł3,706
Dep. Tue 02/May/17Ret. Sun 28/May/17Economyzł3,706
Dep. Wed 24/May/17Ret. Sat 27/May/17Economyzł4,063
Dep. Tue 25/Apr/17Ret. Fri 19/May/17Economyzł4,983
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Mon 22/Jan/18Economyzł15,063
CX Return flights from zł3,751
Dep. Wed 24/May/17Ret. Sat 27/May/17Economyzł3,751
Dep. Wed 05/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł5,945
Dep. Wed 05/Apr/17Ret. Sat 22/Apr/17Economyzł6,044
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economyzł6,060
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Mon 24/Apr/17Economyzł6,234
Dep. Tue 18/Apr/17Ret. Sun 14/May/17Economyzł6,234
Dep. Thu 29/Jun/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł7,096
Dep. Tue 02/May/17Ret. Sun 28/May/17Economyzł7,343
Dep. Mon 03/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł7,355
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Mon 22/Jan/18Economyzł7,412
Dep. Sun 02/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł7,529
Dep. Tue 25/Apr/17Ret. Fri 19/May/17Economyzł8,437
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł9,979
EY Return flights from zł3,793
Dep. Mon 03/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł3,793
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Mon 24/Apr/17Economyzł3,793
Dep. Wed 05/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł3,793
Dep. Tue 02/May/17Ret. Sun 28/May/17Economyzł3,793
Dep. Tue 25/Apr/17Ret. Fri 19/May/17Economyzł3,883
Dep. Wed 24/May/17Ret. Sat 27/May/17Economyzł3,883
Dep. Sun 02/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł4,110
Dep. Wed 05/Apr/17Ret. Sat 22/Apr/17Economyzł4,130
Dep. Tue 18/Apr/17Ret. Sun 14/May/17Economyzł4,235
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł4,370
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economyzł4,951
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Mon 22/Jan/18Economyzł5,370
Dep. Thu 29/Jun/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł5,838
MU Return flights from zł3,826
Dep. Tue 02/May/17Ret. Sun 28/May/17Economyzł3,826
Dep. Tue 18/Apr/17Ret. Sun 14/May/17Economyzł4,573
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł5,173
Dep. Wed 24/May/17Ret. Sat 27/May/17Economyzł5,544
Dep. Tue 25/Apr/17Ret. Fri 19/May/17Economyzł6,094
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economyzł6,459
Dep. Thu 29/Jun/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł6,982
Dep. Sun 02/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł7,744
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Mon 24/Apr/17Economyzł7,845
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Mon 22/Jan/18Economyzł8,150
Dep. Wed 05/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł8,579
Dep. Mon 03/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł8,880
Dep. Wed 05/Apr/17Ret. Sat 22/Apr/17Economyzł17,584
EY,VA Return flights from zł3,856
Dep. Tue 02/May/17Ret. Sun 28/May/17Economyzł3,856
Dep. Tue 25/Apr/17Ret. Fri 19/May/17Economyzł3,900
Dep. Wed 24/May/17Ret. Sat 27/May/17Economyzł3,954
Dep. Mon 03/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł4,149
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Mon 24/Apr/17Economyzł4,149
Dep. Wed 05/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł4,163
Dep. Tue 18/Apr/17Ret. Sun 14/May/17Economyzł4,316
Dep. Sun 02/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł4,598
Dep. Wed 05/Apr/17Ret. Sat 22/Apr/17Economyzł5,653
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł5,915
Dep. Thu 29/Jun/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł7,788
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Mon 22/Jan/18Economyzł8,797
AF,KL,MU Return flights from zł3,864
Dep. Wed 24/May/17Ret. Sat 27/May/17Economyzł3,864
Dep. Tue 02/May/17Ret. Sun 28/May/17Economyzł4,095
Dep. Tue 18/Apr/17Ret. Sun 14/May/17Economyzł4,838
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Mon 22/Jan/18Economyzł5,338
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł5,377
Dep. Tue 25/Apr/17Ret. Fri 19/May/17Economyzł5,745
Dep. Thu 29/Jun/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł7,674
SQ Return flights from zł3,927
Dep. Wed 24/May/17Ret. Sat 27/May/17Economyzł3,927
Dep. Tue 02/May/17Ret. Sun 28/May/17Economyzł5,081
Dep. Wed 05/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł5,408
Dep. Tue 18/Apr/17Ret. Sun 14/May/17Economyzł5,457
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economyzł5,517
Dep. Mon 03/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł5,655
Dep. Sun 02/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł5,923
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Mon 22/Jan/18Economyzł6,124
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Mon 24/Apr/17Economyzł6,759
Dep. Tue 25/Apr/17Ret. Fri 19/May/17Economyzł7,001
Dep. Thu 29/Jun/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł7,982
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł8,126
Dep. Wed 05/Apr/17Ret. Sat 22/Apr/17Economyzł8,651
AF,MU Return flights from zł3,941
Dep. Tue 02/May/17Ret. Sun 28/May/17Economyzł3,941
Dep. Tue 18/Apr/17Ret. Sun 14/May/17Economyzł4,684
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł5,186
Dep. Tue 25/Apr/17Ret. Fri 19/May/17Economyzł5,853
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Mon 22/Jan/18Economyzł6,020
Dep. Thu 29/Jun/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł7,081
Dep. Sun 02/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł8,476
Dep. Mon 03/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł11,849
KL Return flights from zł3,942
Dep. Tue 25/Apr/17Ret. Fri 19/May/17Economyzł3,942
Dep. Tue 02/May/17Ret. Sun 28/May/17Economyzł4,203
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economyzł4,245
Dep. Wed 24/May/17Ret. Sat 27/May/17Economyzł4,283
Dep. Mon 03/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł4,523
Dep. Tue 18/Apr/17Ret. Sun 14/May/17Economyzł4,612
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł4,731
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Mon 22/Jan/18Economyzł4,755
Dep. Wed 05/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł4,776
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Mon 24/Apr/17Economyzł4,969
Dep. Sun 02/Apr/17Ret. Thu 20/Apr/17Economyzł5,423
Dep. Thu 29/Jun/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł5,437
Dep. Wed 05/Apr/17Ret. Sat 22/Apr/17Economyzł5,638
MU,UX Return flights from zł3,954
Dep. Tue 02/May/17Ret. Sun 28/May/17Economyzł3,954

These flights have been found in the last 24 hours. Whats this?Prices are from searches made in the last 24 hours and current prices may differ.

Do you need to catch a flight to Melbourne? Check out our domestic flights to Melbourne. If Melbourne is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Amsterdam from Poland and flights to Netherlands.

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Monthly Average Prices for Melbourne to Amsterdam Return Airfares (PLN)

  -  -  -  -  -zł5257  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -  -zł5230  -  -zł5206zł5179  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -  -  -  -  -zł5043zł5019  -  -  -  -  -
  -  -  -  -  -zł5188  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -zł26683  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -zł30702  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Did you know...

  • 34 airlines operate the route from Melbourne to Amsterdam. They include Vietnam Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, SWISS, Finnair, Aer Lingus, British Airways, SAS and more.
  • The closest train station to Melbourne airport is Broadmeadows.
  • From Amsterdam to Melbourne is 16,538 kilometres.
  • Amsterdam is 9 hours after Melbourne. You should find out how to minimise the impact of jetlag.
How to get from Melbourne to Amsterdam
Melbourne (MEL)
Singapore (SIN)
8h 0m
Layover - 2h 10m
Singapore (SIN)
Amsterdam (AMS)
13h 15m
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ABN 60 115 987 687
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