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CZ Return flights from zł2,753
Dep. Thu 30/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł2,753
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Sun 16/Apr/17Economyzł2,766
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł2,766
Dep. Fri 14/Jul/17Ret. Sun 27/Aug/17Economyzł3,752
Dep. Mon 19/Jun/17Ret. Wed 19/Jul/17Economyzł4,244
Dep. Fri 11/Nov/16Ret. Fri 28/Apr/17Economyzł4,681
Dep. Sun 13/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł5,190
Dep. Wed 21/Dec/16Ret. Wed 04/Jan/17Economyzł6,075
Dep. Sat 10/Dec/16Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł6,193
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 06/Jun/17Businesszł12,219
CZ,KL Return flights from zł2,898
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Sun 16/Apr/17Economyzł2,898
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł2,898
Dep. Thu 30/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł2,898
Dep. Fri 14/Jul/17Ret. Sun 27/Aug/17Economyzł4,155
Dep. Mon 19/Jun/17Ret. Wed 19/Jul/17Economyzł4,425
Dep. Sun 13/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł5,749
Dep. Sat 10/Dec/16Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł6,509
Dep. Wed 21/Dec/16Ret. Wed 04/Jan/17Economyzł6,535
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 06/Jun/17Businesszł13,036
MU Return flights from zł3,313
Dep. Thu 30/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,313
Dep. Sat 10/Dec/16Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł5,153
Dep. Wed 21/Dec/16Ret. Wed 04/Jan/17Economyzł6,261
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł6,374
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Sun 16/Apr/17Economyzł6,853
Dep. Fri 14/Jul/17Ret. Sun 27/Aug/17Economyzł7,592
Dep. Mon 19/Jun/17Ret. Wed 19/Jul/17Economyzł8,318
Dep. Sun 13/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł13,863
Dep. Fri 11/Nov/16Ret. Fri 28/Apr/17Economyzł14,220
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 06/Jun/17Businesszł22,854
KL Return flights from zł3,415
Dep. Fri 14/Jul/17Ret. Sun 27/Aug/17Economyzł3,415
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Sun 16/Apr/17Economyzł3,417
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,588
Dep. Thu 30/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,740
Dep. Sun 13/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł3,973
Dep. Fri 11/Nov/16Ret. Fri 28/Apr/17Economyzł5,154
Dep. Mon 19/Jun/17Ret. Wed 19/Jul/17Economyzł5,477
Dep. Sat 10/Dec/16Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł5,989
Dep. Wed 21/Dec/16Ret. Wed 04/Jan/17Economyzł7,494
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 06/Jun/17Businesszł14,685
KL,MU Return flights from zł3,445
Dep. Thu 30/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,445
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,524
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Sun 16/Apr/17Economyzł3,561
Dep. Sat 10/Dec/16Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł4,998
Dep. Fri 14/Jul/17Ret. Sun 27/Aug/17Economyzł5,758
Dep. Mon 19/Jun/17Ret. Wed 19/Jul/17Economyzł5,924
Dep. Wed 21/Dec/16Ret. Wed 04/Jan/17Economyzł6,368
Dep. Fri 11/Nov/16Ret. Fri 28/Apr/17Economyzł14,830
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 06/Jun/17Businesszł15,258
Dep. Sun 13/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł17,656
GA,KL,MH Return flights from zł3,570
Dep. Fri 14/Jul/17Ret. Sun 27/Aug/17Economyzł3,570
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Sun 16/Apr/17Economyzł3,741
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,930
Dep. Thu 30/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,932
Dep. Sun 13/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł4,012
Dep. Fri 11/Nov/16Ret. Fri 28/Apr/17Economyzł5,474
Dep. Mon 19/Jun/17Ret. Wed 19/Jul/17Economyzł5,541
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 06/Jun/17Businesszł15,296
KL,MH Return flights from zł3,570
Dep. Fri 14/Jul/17Ret. Sun 27/Aug/17Economyzł3,570
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Sun 16/Apr/17Economyzł3,572
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,572
Dep. Thu 30/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,877
Dep. Sun 13/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł3,982
Dep. Fri 11/Nov/16Ret. Fri 28/Apr/17Economyzł4,385
Dep. Mon 19/Jun/17Ret. Wed 19/Jul/17Economyzł5,808
Dep. Sat 10/Dec/16Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł8,373
Dep. Wed 21/Dec/16Ret. Wed 04/Jan/17Economyzł10,474
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 06/Jun/17Businesszł15,296
CZ,QF Return flights from zł3,583
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Sun 16/Apr/17Economyzł3,583
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,583
Dep. Thu 30/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,583
Dep. Fri 14/Jul/17Ret. Sun 27/Aug/17Economyzł4,546
Dep. Wed 21/Dec/16Ret. Wed 04/Jan/17Economyzł6,901
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 06/Jun/17Businesszł15,201
CZ,VA Return flights from zł3,595
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Sun 16/Apr/17Economyzł3,595
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,595
Dep. Thu 30/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,595
Dep. Fri 14/Jul/17Ret. Sun 27/Aug/17Economyzł4,559
Dep. Mon 19/Jun/17Ret. Wed 19/Jul/17Economyzł5,218
Dep. Sun 13/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł5,572
Dep. Wed 21/Dec/16Ret. Wed 04/Jan/17Economyzł6,907
EY Return flights from zł3,623
Dep. Sun 13/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł3,623
Dep. Fri 11/Nov/16Ret. Fri 28/Apr/17Economyzł3,819
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Sun 16/Apr/17Economyzł3,895
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,906
Dep. Thu 30/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,906
Dep. Fri 14/Jul/17Ret. Sun 27/Aug/17Economyzł5,117
Dep. Sat 10/Dec/16Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł5,462
Dep. Mon 19/Jun/17Ret. Wed 19/Jul/17Economyzł6,861
Dep. Wed 21/Dec/16Ret. Wed 04/Jan/17Economyzł8,648
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 06/Jun/17Economyzł17,856
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 06/Jun/17Businesszł20,505
AF,JQ,KL Return flights from zł3,643
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Sun 16/Apr/17Economyzł3,643
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,643
Dep. Sun 13/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł4,499
Dep. Mon 19/Jun/17Ret. Wed 19/Jul/17Economyzł5,325
Dep. Wed 21/Dec/16Ret. Wed 04/Jan/17Economyzł8,825
BA,KL,MU Return flights from zł3,661
Dep. Thu 30/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,661
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Sun 16/Apr/17Economyzł3,671
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,671
Dep. Sat 10/Dec/16Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł5,212
BA,MU Return flights from zł3,683
Dep. Thu 30/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,683
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Sun 16/Apr/17Economyzł3,808
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,818
Dep. Sat 10/Dec/16Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł5,132
Dep. Fri 11/Nov/16Ret. Fri 28/Apr/17Economyzł6,789
Dep. Wed 21/Dec/16Ret. Wed 04/Jan/17Economyzł14,353
AF,JQ,KL,MH Return flights from zł3,695
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Sun 16/Apr/17Economyzł3,695
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł3,695
MH Return flights from zł3,722
Dep. Sun 13/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł3,722
Dep. Fri 11/Nov/16Ret. Fri 28/Apr/17Economyzł4,141
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Sun 16/Apr/17Economyzł4,295
Dep. Wed 29/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł4,295
Dep. Thu 30/Mar/17Ret. Mon 17/Apr/17Economyzł4,295
Dep. Fri 14/Jul/17Ret. Sun 27/Aug/17Economyzł5,640
Dep. Mon 19/Jun/17Ret. Wed 19/Jul/17Economyzł7,372
Dep. Sat 10/Dec/16Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł8,051
Dep. Wed 21/Dec/16Ret. Wed 04/Jan/17Economyzł9,883
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 06/Jun/17Businesszł19,927

These flights have been found in the last 24 hours. Whats this?Prices are from searches made in the last 24 hours and current prices may differ.

Do you need to catch a flight to Melbourne? Check out our domestic flights to Melbourne. If Melbourne is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Amsterdam from Poland and flights to Netherlands.

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Monthly Average Prices for Melbourne to Amsterdam Return Airfares (PLN)

+2  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -zł6179
  -  -  -  -  -  -zł5859zł5251  -zł5904  -  -
+2  -  -  -  -  -  -zł6011zł5236  -zł7516  -  -
  -  -  -  -  -zł5596zł6377  -zł4501zł16222  -  -
  -  -  -  -  -  -zł7143zł5950zł7018  -  -  -
  -  -  -  -  -  -zł6936zł5419zł8275zł5642  -  -

Did you know...

  • Broadmeadows train station is nearby Melbourne airport.
  • Melbourne is 9 hours ahead of Amsterdam. You should read about how to minimise the impact of jetlag.
  • The distance between Amsterdam and Melbourne is 16,538 km.
  • Melbourne to Amsterdam, the quickest one-way trip is 22 hrs 5 mins. Jakarta
How to get from Melbourne to Amsterdam
Melbourne (MEL)
Singapore (SIN)
8h 0m
Layover - 2h 10m
Singapore (SIN)
Amsterdam (AMS)
13h 15m
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