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JQ Return flights from zł1,130
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Thu 10/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Fri 11/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Sat 12/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Mon 14/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Tue 15/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Wed 16/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Thu 17/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Fri 18/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Sat 19/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Tue 22/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Wed 23/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Thu 24/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Fri 25/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Sat 26/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Tue 15/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Wed 16/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Thu 17/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Fri 18/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Sat 19/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Mon 21/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Tue 22/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Wed 23/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Thu 24/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Fri 25/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Sat 26/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 21/Nov/16Ret. Tue 22/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 21/Nov/16Ret. Wed 23/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 21/Nov/16Ret. Thu 24/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 21/Nov/16Ret. Fri 25/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 21/Nov/16Ret. Sat 26/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 21/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł1,130
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł1,133
Dep. Tue 01/Nov/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł1,138
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Wed 09/Nov/16Economyzł1,138
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Mon 21/Nov/16Economyzł1,138
Dep. Tue 15/Nov/16Ret. Tue 22/Nov/16Economyzł1,138
Dep. Tue 15/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł1,138
JQ,TT Return flights from zł1,785
Dep. Tue 01/Nov/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł1,785
Dep. Tue 15/Nov/16Ret. Tue 22/Nov/16Economyzł1,917
Dep. Tue 15/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł1,945
Dep. Fri 14/Oct/16Ret. Sat 29/Oct/16Economyzł1,957
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Wed 09/Nov/16Economyzł2,022
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,054
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,083
Dep. Sat 01/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,120
Dep. Sun 09/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,120
Dep. Thu 02/Jun/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,254
Dep. Thu 02/Jun/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł2,329
Dep. Wed 22/Jun/16Ret. Sun 26/Jun/16Economyzł2,366
Dep. Tue 31/May/16Ret. Tue 07/Jun/16Economyzł2,394
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Economyzł2,452
JQ,NZ,TT Return flights from zł1,865
Dep. Tue 01/Nov/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł1,865
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Wed 09/Nov/16Economyzł1,951
Dep. Sun 09/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł1,989
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,025
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,028
Dep. Fri 14/Oct/16Ret. Sat 29/Oct/16Economyzł2,068
Dep. Sat 01/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,094
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł2,123
Dep. Thu 15/Sep/16Ret. Thu 29/Sep/16Economyzł2,158
Dep. Thu 02/Jun/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,197
Dep. Thu 02/Jun/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł2,209
Dep. Wed 22/Jun/16Ret. Sun 26/Jun/16Economyzł2,320
Dep. Tue 31/May/16Ret. Tue 07/Jun/16Economyzł2,429
Dep. Thu 09/Jun/16Ret. Mon 13/Jun/16Economyzł2,475
JQ,LA,TT Return flights from zł1,986
Dep. Tue 01/Nov/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł1,986
Dep. Tue 15/Nov/16Ret. Tue 22/Nov/16Economyzł1,994
Dep. Tue 15/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł1,994
Dep. Fri 14/Oct/16Ret. Sat 29/Oct/16Economyzł2,006
Dep. Thu 09/Jun/16Ret. Mon 13/Jun/16Economyzł2,297
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Tue 14/Jun/16Economyzł2,343
Dep. Sat 01/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,629
VA Return flights from zł1,991
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Wed 09/Nov/16Economyzł1,991
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Mon 21/Nov/16Economyzł2,087
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,157
Dep. Thu 15/Sep/16Ret. Thu 29/Sep/16Economyzł2,204
Dep. Sun 09/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,212
Dep. Tue 15/Nov/16Ret. Tue 22/Nov/16Economyzł2,236
Dep. Tue 15/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł2,236
Dep. Fri 14/Oct/16Ret. Sat 29/Oct/16Economyzł2,262
Dep. Tue 01/Nov/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł2,333
Dep. Thu 02/Jun/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł2,397
Dep. Thu 02/Jun/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,397
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,398
Dep. Wed 22/Jun/16Ret. Sun 26/Jun/16Economyzł2,460
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł2,462
Dep. Sat 01/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,478
Dep. Tue 31/May/16Ret. Tue 07/Jun/16Economyzł2,484
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Economyzł2,566
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Tue 14/Jun/16Economyzł2,566
Dep. Thu 09/Jun/16Ret. Mon 13/Jun/16Economyzł2,600
Dep. Fri 16/Dec/16Ret. Fri 06/Jan/17Economyzł3,504
Dep. Thu 22/Dec/16Ret. Thu 05/Jan/17Businesszł7,965
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Businesszł8,392
Dep. Tue 31/May/16Ret. Tue 07/Jun/16Businesszł9,405
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Businesszł9,405
JQ,TT,VA Return flights from zł2,002
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,002
Dep. Tue 01/Nov/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł2,005
Dep. Tue 15/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł2,014
Dep. Fri 14/Oct/16Ret. Sat 29/Oct/16Economyzł2,148
Dep. Sun 09/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,160
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł2,383
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,383
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Tue 14/Jun/16Economyzł2,454
Dep. Sat 01/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,755
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Economyzł3,075
Dep. Tue 31/May/16Ret. Tue 07/Jun/16Economyzł3,419
CI,NZ,TT Return flights from zł2,020
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,020
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł2,123
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,263
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Economyzł2,600
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Tue 14/Jun/16Economyzł2,795
LA,NZ,TT Return flights from zł2,028
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,028
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł2,134
Dep. Tue 31/May/16Ret. Tue 07/Jun/16Economyzł2,938
CI,JQ,TT Return flights from zł2,083
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł2,083
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,083
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Tue 14/Jun/16Economyzł2,334
CI,EK,TT Return flights from zł2,097
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,097
NZ,TT,VA Return flights from zł2,105
Dep. Thu 02/Jun/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,105
Dep. Sun 09/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,115
Dep. Thu 02/Jun/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł2,117
Dep. Thu 15/Sep/16Ret. Thu 29/Sep/16Economyzł2,246
Dep. Wed 22/Jun/16Ret. Sun 26/Jun/16Economyzł2,371
Dep. Fri 14/Oct/16Ret. Sat 29/Oct/16Economyzł2,389
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Wed 09/Nov/16Economyzł2,515
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł2,580
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Economyzł2,924
EK,LA,TT Return flights from zł2,108
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,108
Dep. Sat 01/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,351
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Economyzł3,164
JQ,NZ,TT,VA Return flights from zł2,120
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,120
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Wed 09/Nov/16Economyzł2,120
Dep. Fri 14/Oct/16Ret. Sat 29/Oct/16Economyzł2,160
Dep. Thu 02/Jun/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,163
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,360
Dep. Thu 15/Sep/16Ret. Thu 29/Sep/16Economyzł2,380
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł2,463
Dep. Sat 01/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,729
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Tue 14/Jun/16Economyzł2,844
Dep. Thu 09/Jun/16Ret. Mon 13/Jun/16Economyzł2,867
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Economyzł2,938
JQ,LA Return flights from zł2,121
Dep. Thu 15/Sep/16Ret. Thu 29/Sep/16Economyzł2,121
Dep. Tue 01/Nov/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł2,150
Dep. Tue 15/Nov/16Ret. Tue 22/Nov/16Economyzł2,150
Dep. Tue 15/Nov/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economyzł2,150
Dep. Fri 14/Oct/16Ret. Sat 29/Oct/16Economyzł2,180
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economyzł2,215
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Tue 14/Jun/16Economyzł2,222
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Economyzł2,489
Dep. Wed 22/Jun/16Ret. Sun 26/Jun/16Economyzł2,512
Dep. Sun 09/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,517
Dep. Tue 31/May/16Ret. Tue 07/Jun/16Economyzł2,620
Dep. Sat 01/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,726
NZ,TT Return flights from zł2,128
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Wed 09/Nov/16Economyzł2,128
Dep. Mon 07/Nov/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,580
Dep. Sat 01/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economyzł2,640
Dep. Tue 31/May/16Ret. Tue 07/Jun/16Economyzł3,055

These flights have been found in the last 24 hours. Whats this?Prices are from searches made in the last 24 hours and current prices may differ.

Do you need to catch a flight to Perth? Check out our domestic flights to Perth. If Perth is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Auckland from Poland and flights to New Zealand.

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Monthly Average Prices for Perth to Auckland Return Airfares (PLN)

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  -zł18927zł18358zł21908zł16578zł23720zł17536zł17714  -  -  -  -
  -zł20681zł20418  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -zł25102  -  -  -
  -  -zł13642zł12752zł12818zł12792zł12801zł13885zł13339zł12810  -  -
  -zł2449  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -zł2749  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Did you know...

  • It is 5,336 km from Perth to Auckland.
  • 16 airlines operate the route between Auckland and Perth. They include Qantas Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Virgin Australia, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways International, Austrian and more.
  • PER is the International Air Transport Association (IATA) airport code for Perth.
  • The closest train station to Auckland airport is Train Station - Papatoetoe.
How to get from Perth to Auckland
Perth (PER)
Auckland (AKL)
6h 20m
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