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TR Return flights from zł2,608
Dep. Fri 06/Oct/17Ret. Thu 12/Apr/18Economyzł2,608
Dep. Fri 08/Jun/18Ret. Thu 12/Jul/18Economyzł2,906
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł3,058
Dep. Tue 22/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł3,177
Dep. Thu 19/Jul/18Ret. Thu 09/Aug/18Economyzł3,256
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł3,973
Dep. Sat 09/Sep/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economyzł4,077
Dep. Thu 19/Jul/18Ret. Thu 09/Aug/18Businesszł12,393
QR Return flights from zł3,172
Dep. Thu 12/Oct/17Ret. Sun 12/Nov/17Economyzł3,172
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł3,208
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł3,208
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Thu 02/Nov/17Economyzł3,232
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Wed 25/Oct/17Economyzł3,234
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Sun 29/Oct/17Economyzł3,234
Dep. Mon 16/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł3,390
Dep. Fri 06/Oct/17Ret. Thu 12/Apr/18Economyzł3,460
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Tue 24/Oct/17Economyzł3,537
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economyzł3,991
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł4,452
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł4,703
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł4,703
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł4,703
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł4,703
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł4,703
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł4,703
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economyzł4,703
Dep. Tue 22/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł4,705
Dep. Thu 31/May/18Ret. Sun 15/Jul/18Economyzł4,721
Dep. Tue 29/May/18Ret. Sun 15/Jul/18Economyzł4,723
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economyzł4,792
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł4,798
Dep. Fri 08/Jun/18Ret. Thu 12/Jul/18Economyzł5,034
Dep. Fri 25/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł5,056
Dep. Sat 09/Sep/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economyzł5,624
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economyzł5,837
Dep. Thu 28/Jun/18Ret. Mon 16/Jul/18Economyzł6,372
Dep. Sat 07/Jul/18Ret. Sun 29/Jul/18Economyzł6,460
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economyzł6,489
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł6,830
Dep. Thu 19/Jul/18Ret. Thu 09/Aug/18Economyzł6,940
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł7,042
Dep. Thu 02/Aug/18Ret. Tue 14/Aug/18Economyzł7,106
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Wed 25/Oct/17Businesszł17,810
Dep. Thu 19/Jul/18Ret. Thu 09/Aug/18Businesszł18,133
Dep. Fri 25/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Businesszł23,117
3K,D7,TR Return flights from zł3,377
Dep. Fri 25/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł3,377
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł3,452
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł3,767
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Tue 24/Oct/17Economyzł3,876
CZ,KL Return flights from zł3,510
Dep. Thu 12/Oct/17Ret. Sun 12/Nov/17Economyzł3,510
Dep. Mon 16/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł3,795
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł4,102
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł4,102
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Thu 02/Nov/17Economyzł4,109
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Tue 24/Oct/17Economyzł4,110
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Wed 25/Oct/17Economyzł4,110
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Sun 29/Oct/17Economyzł4,110
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economyzł4,277
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł4,678
Dep. Sat 09/Sep/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economyzł4,811
Dep. Fri 06/Oct/17Ret. Thu 12/Apr/18Economyzł4,865
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł4,944
Dep. Thu 31/May/18Ret. Sun 15/Jul/18Economyzł5,210
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economyzł5,738
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economyzł5,817
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economyzł5,817
Dep. Thu 28/Jun/18Ret. Mon 16/Jul/18Economyzł5,825
Dep. Sat 07/Jul/18Ret. Sun 29/Jul/18Economyzł6,221
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł6,256
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł6,320
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł6,320
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł6,320
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł6,337
Dep. Tue 22/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł6,851
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł6,982
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł7,194
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economyzł7,194
Dep. Fri 25/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł7,195
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł8,399
Dep. Fri 25/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Businesszł15,595
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Businesszł15,973
TR,TZ Return flights from zł3,553
Dep. Thu 19/Jul/18Ret. Thu 09/Aug/18Economyzł3,553
CA,LH Return flights from zł3,574
Dep. Mon 16/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł3,574
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł4,395
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economyzł4,423
Dep. Thu 02/Aug/18Ret. Tue 14/Aug/18Economyzł4,566
Dep. Thu 19/Jul/18Ret. Thu 09/Aug/18Economyzł4,586
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł4,702
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Sun 29/Oct/17Economyzł4,776
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł5,005
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economyzł5,444
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Wed 25/Oct/17Economyzł7,678
Dep. Thu 31/May/18Ret. Sun 15/Jul/18Economyzł9,208
Dep. Thu 28/Jun/18Ret. Mon 16/Jul/18Economyzł10,391
Dep. Tue 22/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł10,899
Dep. Thu 19/Jul/18Ret. Thu 09/Aug/18Businesszł15,309
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł15,748
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł17,061
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł17,162
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł17,162
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł17,226
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economyzł17,240
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economyzł18,682
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Tue 24/Oct/17Economyzł20,426
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł21,285
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł21,285
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł29,779
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł29,779
SQ,TR Return flights from zł3,638
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł3,638
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł3,638
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economyzł3,638
Dep. Fri 06/Oct/17Ret. Thu 12/Apr/18Economyzł3,960
Dep. Fri 08/Jun/18Ret. Thu 12/Jul/18Economyzł4,267
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł4,949
Dep. Fri 25/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł5,246
Dep. Sat 09/Sep/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economyzł6,132
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Businesszł12,605
Dep. Fri 25/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Businesszł13,612
EY,VA Return flights from zł3,642
Dep. Fri 06/Oct/17Ret. Thu 12/Apr/18Economyzł3,642
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Sun 29/Oct/17Economyzł3,888
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Tue 24/Oct/17Economyzł3,984
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Wed 25/Oct/17Economyzł4,024
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł4,158
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł4,179
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Thu 02/Nov/17Economyzł4,186
Dep. Mon 16/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł4,219
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł4,300
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł4,300
Dep. Thu 12/Oct/17Ret. Sun 12/Nov/17Economyzł4,316
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł4,414
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł4,525
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economyzł4,834
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł5,073
Dep. Fri 08/Jun/18Ret. Thu 12/Jul/18Economyzł5,281
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł5,308
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economyzł5,313
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł5,372
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł5,415
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economyzł5,664
Dep. Fri 25/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł5,755
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł5,899
Dep. Sat 09/Sep/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economyzł5,949
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economyzł6,079
Dep. Tue 22/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł6,119
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economyzł6,410
Dep. Tue 29/May/18Ret. Sun 15/Jul/18Economyzł6,585
Dep. Thu 31/May/18Ret. Sun 15/Jul/18Economyzł7,298
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł7,326
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Businesszł18,854
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Wed 25/Oct/17Businesszł29,225
AF,CZ Return flights from zł3,643
Dep. Thu 12/Oct/17Ret. Sun 12/Nov/17Economyzł3,643
Dep. Mon 16/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł4,196
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł4,332
Dep. Fri 08/Jun/18Ret. Thu 12/Jul/18Economyzł4,461
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Wed 25/Oct/17Economyzł4,541
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economyzł4,556
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Tue 24/Oct/17Economyzł4,750
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economyzł4,826
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł4,832
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Sun 29/Oct/17Economyzł4,838
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Thu 02/Nov/17Economyzł4,838
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł4,838
Dep. Sat 09/Sep/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economyzł4,980
Dep. Thu 19/Jul/18Ret. Thu 09/Aug/18Economyzł5,918
Dep. Tue 22/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł5,920
Dep. Thu 28/Jun/18Ret. Mon 16/Jul/18Economyzł6,024
Dep. Sat 07/Jul/18Ret. Sun 29/Jul/18Economyzł6,435
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł6,616
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł6,642
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł6,642
Dep. Fri 25/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł6,653
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economyzł7,071
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł7,120
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł7,120
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł7,120
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economyzł7,238
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economyzł8,217
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł8,637
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł8,677
Dep. Fri 25/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Businesszł15,295
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Businesszł15,395
Dep. Thu 19/Jul/18Ret. Thu 09/Aug/18Businesszł16,491
EY Return flights from zł3,657
Dep. Fri 06/Oct/17Ret. Thu 12/Apr/18Economyzł3,657
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Sun 29/Oct/17Economyzł3,758
Dep. Thu 12/Oct/17Ret. Sun 12/Nov/17Economyzł3,793
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Tue 24/Oct/17Economyzł3,882
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł4,023
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł4,023
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Thu 02/Nov/17Economyzł4,055
Dep. Mon 16/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł4,127
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł4,199
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł4,302
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł4,340
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł4,383
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Wed 25/Oct/17Economyzł4,411
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economyzł4,661
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economyzł4,939
Dep. Fri 25/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł5,033
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł5,078
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł5,143
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł5,143
Dep. Fri 08/Jun/18Ret. Thu 12/Jul/18Economyzł5,286
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economyzł5,379
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł5,393
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economyzł5,465
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł5,646
Dep. Sat 09/Sep/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economyzł5,803
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economyzł5,985
Dep. Tue 22/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł6,231
Dep. Tue 29/May/18Ret. Sun 15/Jul/18Economyzł6,268
Dep. Thu 31/May/18Ret. Sun 15/Jul/18Economyzł6,268
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł6,447
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Businesszł16,307
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Wed 25/Oct/17Businesszł17,839
Dep. Fri 25/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Businesszł28,101
CZ Return flights from zł3,741
Dep. Thu 12/Oct/17Ret. Sun 12/Nov/17Economyzł3,741
Dep. Mon 16/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł3,928
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Thu 02/Nov/17Economyzł3,992
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Tue 24/Oct/17Economyzł4,110
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Wed 25/Oct/17Economyzł4,110
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł4,277
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economyzł4,342
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł4,400
Dep. Mon 02/Oct/17Ret. Sun 29/Oct/17Economyzł4,420
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł4,516
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł4,642
Dep. Fri 06/Oct/17Ret. Thu 12/Apr/18Economyzł4,785
Dep. Thu 31/May/18Ret. Sun 15/Jul/18Economyzł5,034
Dep. Tue 29/May/18Ret. Sun 15/Jul/18Economyzł5,035
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economyzł5,451
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł5,724
Dep. Sat 07/Jul/18Ret. Sun 29/Jul/18Economyzł5,777
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economyzł5,801
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł5,917
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł5,917
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł5,917
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł5,917
Dep. Sat 09/Sep/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economyzł5,940
Dep. Tue 22/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł6,406
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economyzł6,530
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł6,530
Dep. Thu 28/Jun/18Ret. Mon 16/Jul/18Economyzł6,689
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł6,726
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł6,726
Dep. Fri 25/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł6,726
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economyzł7,805
Dep. Fri 25/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Businesszł16,854
Dep. Thu 02/Aug/18Ret. Tue 14/Aug/18Economyzł17,655
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Businesszł19,508
Dep. Thu 19/Jul/18Ret. Thu 09/Aug/18Businesszł23,176
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Wed 25/Oct/17Businesszł24,182
QR,TR Return flights from zł3,762
Dep. Fri 06/Oct/17Ret. Thu 12/Apr/18Economyzł3,762
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł4,234
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł4,257
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł4,430
Dep. Tue 22/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł4,431
Dep. Mon 16/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł4,556
Dep. Sat 09/Sep/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economyzł5,236
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economyzł5,422
Dep. Fri 08/Jun/18Ret. Thu 12/Jul/18Economyzł5,422
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economyzł5,901
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł6,018
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł6,018
Dep. Fri 25/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł6,043
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economyzł6,127
Dep. Thu 19/Jul/18Ret. Thu 09/Aug/18Economyzł6,146
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economyzł6,273
Dep. Thu 28/Jun/18Ret. Mon 16/Jul/18Economyzł6,583
Dep. Sat 26/Aug/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economyzł8,922
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Businesszł14,647
Dep. Fri 25/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Businesszł15,488
TR,TT Return flights from zł3,768
Dep. Fri 25/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł3,768
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł3,832
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Tue 24/Oct/17Economyzł3,939
D7,TR Return flights from zł3,787
Dep. Tue 22/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł3,787
TK,TR Return flights from zł3,828
Dep. Mon 16/Oct/17Ret. Fri 03/Nov/17Economyzł3,828
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł6,005
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Thu 07/Sep/17Economyzł6,005
Dep. Thu 24/Aug/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economyzł6,005
Dep. Fri 25/Aug/17Ret. Tue 05/Sep/17Economyzł6,022
Dep. Sat 09/Sep/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economyzł6,215
Dep. Tue 22/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł6,334
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł7,056

These flights have been found in the last 24 hours. Whats this?Prices are from searches made in the last 24 hours and current prices may differ.

Do you need to catch a flight to Sydney? Check out our domestic flights to Sydney. If Sydney is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Athens from Poland and flights to Greece.

Return flights shown. Show One-Way Flights.

Monthly Average Prices for Sydney to Athens Return Airfares (PLN)

  -zł5143  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -zł5402  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -zł5151  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+4  -  -zł5379  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -zł6988  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -zł7137  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Did you know...

  • The Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel is within a kilometre from Sydney airport.
  • Athens is 8 hours later than Sydney.
  • Athens has the IATA code of ATH and Sydney has SYD.
  • Sydney to Athens, the shortest return trip is 41 hrs 35 mins flying Qatar Airways. Doha
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