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D7 Return flights from zł1,452
Dep. Wed 09/Aug/17Ret. Tue 22/Aug/17Economyzł1,452
Dep. Sat 09/Sep/17Ret. Fri 22/Sep/17Economyzł1,454
Dep. Fri 24/Feb/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economyzł1,895
Dep. Wed 01/Mar/17Ret. Wed 15/Mar/17Economyzł1,895
Dep. Thu 09/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł1,895
Dep. Fri 24/Feb/17Ret. Tue 30/May/17Economyzł1,908
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł1,908
Dep. Tue 27/Jun/17Ret. Tue 25/Jul/17Economyzł2,099
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Mon 27/Mar/17Economyzł2,195
Dep. Sat 29/Jul/17Ret. Sat 12/Aug/17Economyzł2,234
Dep. Wed 22/Mar/17Ret. Mon 10/Apr/17Economyzł2,364
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 11/Apr/17Economyzł2,524
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Wed 12/Apr/17Economyzł2,661
Dep. Wed 19/Apr/17Ret. Wed 03/May/17Economyzł2,684
Dep. Fri 14/Apr/17Ret. Sat 22/Apr/17Economyzł2,882
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Mon 24/Apr/17Economyzł2,977
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł3,048
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Wed 26/Apr/17Economyzł3,051
Dep. Fri 23/Jun/17Ret. Fri 07/Jul/17Economyzł3,101
D7,JQ Return flights from zł1,748
Dep. Wed 09/Aug/17Ret. Tue 22/Aug/17Economyzł1,748
Dep. Sat 09/Sep/17Ret. Fri 22/Sep/17Economyzł1,903
Dep. Wed 22/Mar/17Ret. Mon 10/Apr/17Economyzł2,073
Dep. Wed 19/Apr/17Ret. Wed 03/May/17Economyzł2,093
Dep. Thu 09/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł2,159
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł2,172
Dep. Wed 01/Mar/17Ret. Wed 15/Mar/17Economyzł2,210
Dep. Fri 24/Feb/17Ret. Tue 30/May/17Economyzł2,273
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Mon 27/Mar/17Economyzł2,318
Dep. Fri 24/Feb/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economyzł2,355
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 11/Apr/17Economyzł2,419
Dep. Sat 29/Jul/17Ret. Sat 12/Aug/17Economyzł2,463
Dep. Tue 27/Jun/17Ret. Tue 25/Jul/17Economyzł2,499
Dep. Fri 23/Jun/17Ret. Fri 07/Jul/17Economyzł2,645
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Mon 24/Apr/17Economyzł2,668
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł2,683
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Wed 12/Apr/17Economyzł2,744
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Wed 26/Apr/17Economyzł2,872
Dep. Fri 14/Apr/17Ret. Sat 22/Apr/17Economyzł3,192
CA Return flights from zł1,913
Dep. Wed 01/Mar/17Ret. Wed 15/Mar/17Economyzł1,913
Dep. Fri 24/Feb/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economyzł1,916
Dep. Fri 24/Feb/17Ret. Tue 30/May/17Economyzł1,916
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł1,916
Dep. Wed 22/Mar/17Ret. Mon 10/Apr/17Economyzł1,916
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Mon 27/Mar/17Economyzł1,921
Dep. Thu 09/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł1,921
Dep. Wed 09/Aug/17Ret. Tue 22/Aug/17Economyzł2,064
Dep. Wed 19/Apr/17Ret. Wed 03/May/17Economyzł2,066
Dep. Sat 29/Jul/17Ret. Sat 12/Aug/17Economyzł2,208
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł2,593
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Wed 26/Apr/17Economyzł2,596
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Mon 24/Apr/17Economyzł2,620
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 11/Apr/17Economyzł2,873
Dep. Sat 09/Sep/17Ret. Fri 22/Sep/17Economyzł3,025
Dep. Tue 27/Jun/17Ret. Tue 25/Jul/17Economyzł3,073
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Wed 12/Apr/17Economyzł3,074
Dep. Fri 14/Apr/17Ret. Sat 22/Apr/17Economyzł3,202
Dep. Fri 23/Jun/17Ret. Fri 07/Jul/17Economyzł3,945
CA,QF Return flights from zł2,020
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł2,020
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Mon 27/Mar/17Economyzł2,030
Dep. Wed 01/Mar/17Ret. Wed 15/Mar/17Economyzł2,033
Dep. Fri 24/Feb/17Ret. Tue 30/May/17Economyzł2,069
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Mon 24/Apr/17Economyzł2,123
Dep. Wed 19/Apr/17Ret. Wed 03/May/17Economyzł2,155
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Wed 26/Apr/17Economyzł2,167
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł2,167
Dep. Fri 24/Feb/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economyzł2,229
Dep. Sat 29/Jul/17Ret. Sat 12/Aug/17Economyzł4,275
Dep. Sat 09/Sep/17Ret. Fri 22/Sep/17Economyzł4,275
Dep. Thu 09/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł4,323
Dep. Wed 09/Aug/17Ret. Tue 22/Aug/17Economyzł4,323
Dep. Fri 23/Jun/17Ret. Fri 07/Jul/17Economyzł4,607
Dep. Tue 27/Jun/17Ret. Tue 25/Jul/17Economyzł4,607
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Wed 12/Apr/17Economyzł4,650
Dep. Fri 14/Apr/17Ret. Sat 22/Apr/17Economyzł4,791
Dep. Wed 22/Mar/17Ret. Mon 10/Apr/17Economyzł5,322
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 11/Apr/17Economyzł5,423
CA,VA Return flights from zł2,035
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Mon 27/Mar/17Economyzł2,035
Dep. Wed 01/Mar/17Ret. Wed 15/Mar/17Economyzł2,036
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł2,036
CZ Return flights from zł2,059
Dep. Fri 24/Feb/17Ret. Tue 30/May/17Economyzł2,059
Dep. Wed 01/Mar/17Ret. Wed 15/Mar/17Economyzł2,059
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł2,059
Dep. Sat 29/Jul/17Ret. Sat 12/Aug/17Economyzł2,059
Dep. Thu 09/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł2,062
Dep. Wed 19/Apr/17Ret. Wed 03/May/17Economyzł2,062
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Mon 27/Mar/17Economyzł2,064
Dep. Wed 09/Aug/17Ret. Tue 22/Aug/17Economyzł2,064
Dep. Fri 24/Feb/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economyzł2,290
Dep. Sat 09/Sep/17Ret. Fri 22/Sep/17Economyzł2,290
Dep. Wed 22/Mar/17Ret. Mon 10/Apr/17Economyzł2,348
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Wed 26/Apr/17Economyzł2,623
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł2,623
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Mon 24/Apr/17Economyzł2,660
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Wed 12/Apr/17Economyzł2,699
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 11/Apr/17Economyzł2,700
Dep. Fri 23/Jun/17Ret. Fri 07/Jul/17Economyzł2,803
Dep. Fri 14/Apr/17Ret. Sat 22/Apr/17Economyzł2,860
Dep. Tue 27/Jun/17Ret. Tue 25/Jul/17Economyzł3,088
JQ Return flights from zł2,078
Dep. Wed 09/Aug/17Ret. Tue 22/Aug/17Economyzł2,078
Dep. Sun 05/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł2,121
Dep. Sun 05/Mar/17Ret. Wed 29/Mar/17Economyzł2,121
Dep. Sun 05/Mar/17Ret. Thu 30/Mar/17Economyzł2,121
Dep. Tue 07/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł2,121
Dep. Tue 07/Mar/17Ret. Wed 29/Mar/17Economyzł2,121
Dep. Tue 07/Mar/17Ret. Thu 30/Mar/17Economyzł2,121
Dep. Tue 07/Mar/17Ret. Fri 31/Mar/17Economyzł2,121
Dep. Sun 12/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł2,121
Dep. Sun 12/Mar/17Ret. Fri 31/Mar/17Economyzł2,121
Dep. Wed 22/Feb/17Ret. Sun 28/May/17Economyzł2,133
Dep. Wed 22/Feb/17Ret. Mon 29/May/17Economyzł2,133
Dep. Wed 22/Feb/17Ret. Fri 02/Jun/17Economyzł2,133
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Sun 28/May/17Economyzł2,140
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Mon 29/May/17Economyzł2,140
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Fri 02/Jun/17Economyzł2,140
Dep. Wed 06/Sep/17Ret. Thu 21/Sep/17Economyzł2,140
Dep. Wed 06/Sep/17Ret. Fri 22/Sep/17Economyzł2,140
Dep. Wed 06/Sep/17Ret. Sun 24/Sep/17Economyzł2,140
Dep. Wed 06/Sep/17Ret. Mon 25/Sep/17Economyzł2,140
Dep. Tue 12/Sep/17Ret. Thu 21/Sep/17Economyzł2,140
Dep. Tue 12/Sep/17Ret. Fri 22/Sep/17Economyzł2,140
Dep. Tue 12/Sep/17Ret. Sun 24/Sep/17Economyzł2,140
Dep. Tue 12/Sep/17Ret. Mon 25/Sep/17Economyzł2,140
Dep. Wed 26/Apr/17Ret. Thu 01/Jun/17Economyzł2,143
Dep. Wed 23/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł2,152
Dep. Sun 27/Aug/17Ret. Mon 28/Aug/17Economyzł2,152
Dep. Sun 27/Aug/17Ret. Tue 29/Aug/17Economyzł2,152
Dep. Sun 27/Aug/17Ret. Wed 30/Aug/17Economyzł2,152
Dep. Sun 27/Aug/17Ret. Thu 31/Aug/17Economyzł2,152
Dep. Sun 27/Aug/17Ret. Fri 01/Sep/17Economyzł2,152
Dep. Sun 27/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł2,152
Dep. Tue 29/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł2,152
Dep. Wed 30/Aug/17Ret. Thu 31/Aug/17Economyzł2,152
Dep. Wed 30/Aug/17Ret. Fri 01/Sep/17Economyzł2,152
Dep. Wed 30/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł2,152
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Fri 01/Sep/17Economyzł2,152
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł2,152
Dep. Fri 01/Sep/17Ret. Sun 03/Sep/17Economyzł2,152
5J,D7 Return flights from zł2,085
Dep. Fri 24/Feb/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economyzł2,085
Dep. Fri 24/Feb/17Ret. Tue 30/May/17Economyzł2,188
Dep. Wed 01/Mar/17Ret. Wed 15/Mar/17Economyzł2,188
Dep. Thu 09/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł2,374
D7,JW,TT Return flights from zł2,200
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Mon 27/Mar/17Economyzł2,200
D7,GK,IT,MM Return flights from zł2,220
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Mon 24/Apr/17Economyzł2,220
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Wed 26/Apr/17Economyzł2,334
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł2,533
Dep. Fri 14/Apr/17Ret. Sat 22/Apr/17Economyzł3,413
D7,JW Return flights from zł2,235
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Mon 27/Mar/17Economyzł2,235
Dep. Wed 01/Mar/17Ret. Wed 15/Mar/17Economyzł2,333
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł2,361
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 11/Apr/17Economyzł2,484
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Wed 12/Apr/17Economyzł2,615
VN Return flights from zł2,283
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Mon 27/Mar/17Economyzł2,283
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł2,283
Dep. Thu 09/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł2,283
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 11/Apr/17Economyzł2,283
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Wed 26/Apr/17Economyzł2,283
Dep. Sat 29/Jul/17Ret. Sat 12/Aug/17Economyzł2,283
Dep. Sat 09/Sep/17Ret. Fri 22/Sep/17Economyzł2,283
Dep. Fri 24/Feb/17Ret. Tue 30/May/17Economyzł2,325
Dep. Wed 01/Mar/17Ret. Wed 15/Mar/17Economyzł2,325
Dep. Fri 23/Jun/17Ret. Fri 07/Jul/17Economyzł2,717
Dep. Wed 22/Mar/17Ret. Mon 10/Apr/17Economyzł2,862
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Wed 12/Apr/17Economyzł2,862
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Mon 24/Apr/17Economyzł2,862
Dep. Fri 24/Feb/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economyzł3,151
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł3,151
Dep. Tue 27/Jun/17Ret. Tue 25/Jul/17Economyzł3,151
Dep. Fri 14/Apr/17Ret. Sat 22/Apr/17Economyzł3,321
Dep. Wed 09/Aug/17Ret. Tue 22/Aug/17Economyzł19,043
D7,GK,JW,MM Return flights from zł2,289
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Mon 24/Apr/17Economyzł2,289
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Wed 26/Apr/17Economyzł2,294
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 11/Apr/17Economyzł2,495
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Sun 30/Apr/17Economyzł2,542
5J,JQ Return flights from zł2,294
Dep. Wed 01/Mar/17Ret. Wed 15/Mar/17Economyzł2,294
Dep. Fri 24/Feb/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economyzł2,343
Dep. Thu 09/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł2,429
Dep. Fri 24/Feb/17Ret. Tue 30/May/17Economyzł2,445
Dep. Wed 22/Mar/17Ret. Mon 10/Apr/17Economyzł2,480
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Mon 27/Mar/17Economyzł2,864
Dep. Wed 19/Apr/17Ret. Wed 03/May/17Economyzł2,902
Dep. Mon 03/Jul/17Ret. Wed 12/Jul/17Economyzł2,961
Dep. Sun 16/Apr/17Ret. Wed 26/Apr/17Economyzł3,016
Dep. Tue 04/Apr/17Ret. Tue 11/Apr/17Economyzł3,441
Dep. Fri 14/Apr/17Ret. Sat 22/Apr/17Economyzł4,295
CI Return flights from zł2,303
Dep. Wed 09/Aug/17Ret. Tue 22/Aug/17Economyzł2,303
Dep. Thu 09/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł3,224
Dep. Wed 08/Mar/17Ret. Tue 28/Mar/17Economyzł3,378
Dep. Wed 01/Mar/17Ret. Wed 15/Mar/17Economyzł3,774
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Wed 12/Apr/17Economyzł3,845
Dep. Sat 09/Sep/17Ret. Fri 22/Sep/17Economyzł4,005
Dep. Wed 19/Apr/17Ret. Wed 03/May/17Economyzł4,081
Dep. Fri 24/Feb/17Ret. Tue 30/May/17Economyzł6,222
Dep. Fri 24/Feb/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economyzł9,876

These flights have been found in the last 24 hours. Whats this?Prices are from searches made in the last 24 hours and current prices may differ.

Do you need to catch a flight to Sydney? Check out our domestic flights to Sydney. If Sydney is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Tokyo - Narita from Poland and flights to Japan.

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Monthly Average Prices for Sydney to Tokyo - Narita Return Airfares (PLN)

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Did you know...

  • 40 airlines fly from Sydney to Tokyo - Narita. This includes CEBU Pacific Air, Xiamen Airlines, Korean Air Lines, Singapore Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Delta Air Lines, AirAsia X.
  • Sydney has the IATA code of SYD.
  • The Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel is within a km from Sydney airport.
  • 9 hours and 30 minutes is the shortest one-way trip from Sydney to Tokyo - Narita
How to get from Sydney to Tokyo
Sydney (SYD)
Tokyo Narita (NRT)
9h 45m
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ABN 60 115 987 687
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