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The Cheapest Return Sydney to Tokyo - Narita Flights.Show One Way

AK Return flights from zł1,845
Dep. Sat 27/Aug/16Ret. Sat 10/Sep/16Economyzł1,845
Dep. Mon 03/Oct/16Ret. Fri 14/Oct/16Economyzł1,875
Dep. Thu 01/Dec/16Ret. Tue 20/Dec/16Economyzł1,875
Dep. Thu 29/Sep/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł1,875
Dep. Fri 30/Sep/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł1,875
Dep. Sat 01/Oct/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł1,875
Dep. Thu 10/Nov/16Ret. Fri 02/Dec/16Economyzł1,875
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Wed 30/Nov/16Economyzł1,875
Dep. Sat 19/Nov/16Ret. Sat 03/Dec/16Economyzł1,875
Dep. Sat 26/Nov/16Ret. Sat 10/Dec/16Economyzł1,875
Dep. Tue 16/Aug/16Ret. Sun 28/Aug/16Economyzł2,133
Dep. Fri 29/Jul/16Ret. Mon 01/Aug/16Economyzł2,861
Dep. Fri 23/Sep/16Ret. Sat 01/Oct/16Economyzł3,078
Dep. Mon 06/Feb/17Ret. Thu 02/Mar/17Economyzł3,171
Dep. Wed 08/Feb/17Ret. Fri 17/Feb/17Economyzł3,171
Dep. Sun 12/Feb/17Ret. Wed 22/Feb/17Economyzł3,171
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Thu 23/Feb/17Economyzł3,171
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Sat 25/Feb/17Economyzł3,171
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Sun 26/Feb/17Economyzł3,171
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Mon 27/Feb/17Economyzł3,171
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Mon 06/Mar/17Economyzł3,171
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Wed 08/Mar/17Economyzł3,171
Dep. Thu 01/Jun/17Ret. Sat 24/Jun/17Economyzł3,171
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Tue 28/Feb/17Economyzł3,171
Dep. Fri 31/Mar/17Ret. Fri 05/May/17Economyzł3,277
Dep. Sat 01/Apr/17Ret. Sat 15/Apr/17Economyzł3,382
Dep. Thu 12/Jan/17Ret. Thu 19/Jan/17Economyzł3,743
Dep. Fri 06/Jan/17Ret. Tue 24/Jan/17Economyzł4,556
Dep. Sun 01/Jan/17Ret. Mon 09/Jan/17Economyzł4,629
Dep. Sat 24/Dec/16Ret. Mon 02/Jan/17Economyzł4,872
Dep. Sat 24/Dec/16Ret. Wed 04/Jan/17Economyzł4,872
JQ Return flights from zł2,104
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Mon 27/Feb/17Economyzł2,104
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Mon 06/Mar/17Economyzł2,109
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Thu 23/Feb/17Economyzł2,110
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Sun 26/Feb/17Economyzł2,110
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Wed 08/Mar/17Economyzł2,112
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Sun 12/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Mon 13/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Wed 15/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Thu 16/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Fri 17/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Sun 19/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Mon 20/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Wed 22/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Thu 23/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Fri 24/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Sun 26/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Mon 27/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Fri 24/Feb/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Sun 26/Feb/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Mon 27/Feb/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Wed 01/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Thu 02/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Fri 03/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Sun 05/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Mon 06/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Wed 08/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Sun 12/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Mon 13/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Wed 15/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Thu 16/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Fri 17/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Wed 22/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Thu 23/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Fri 24/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
Dep. Thu 23/Feb/17Ret. Sun 26/Mar/17Economyzł2,113
AK,JQ,TT Return flights from zł2,179
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Wed 30/Nov/16Economyzł2,179
Dep. Thu 10/Nov/16Ret. Fri 02/Dec/16Economyzł2,346
Dep. Sat 26/Nov/16Ret. Sat 10/Dec/16Economyzł2,376
Dep. Thu 29/Sep/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł2,443
Dep. Fri 30/Sep/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł2,443
Dep. Sat 01/Oct/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł2,443
AK,JQ Return flights from zł2,187
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Wed 30/Nov/16Economyzł2,187
Dep. Thu 10/Nov/16Ret. Fri 02/Dec/16Economyzł2,217
Dep. Sat 19/Nov/16Ret. Sat 03/Dec/16Economyzł2,217
Dep. Thu 01/Dec/16Ret. Tue 20/Dec/16Economyzł2,236
Dep. Tue 16/Aug/16Ret. Sun 28/Aug/16Economyzł2,257
Dep. Sat 27/Aug/16Ret. Sat 10/Sep/16Economyzł2,268
Dep. Mon 03/Oct/16Ret. Fri 14/Oct/16Economyzł2,279
Dep. Thu 29/Sep/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł2,337
Dep. Fri 30/Sep/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł2,337
Dep. Sat 01/Oct/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł2,337
Dep. Sat 26/Nov/16Ret. Sat 10/Dec/16Economyzł2,367
Dep. Mon 05/Sep/16Ret. Sun 11/Sep/16Economyzł2,458
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Tue 28/Feb/17Economyzł2,919
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Thu 23/Feb/17Economyzł2,920
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Sat 25/Feb/17Economyzł2,920
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Sun 26/Feb/17Economyzł2,920
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Mon 27/Feb/17Economyzł2,920
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Mon 06/Mar/17Economyzł2,920
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Wed 08/Mar/17Economyzł2,920
Dep. Wed 08/Feb/17Ret. Fri 17/Feb/17Economyzł2,932
Dep. Sun 12/Feb/17Ret. Wed 22/Feb/17Economyzł2,962
Dep. Mon 06/Feb/17Ret. Thu 02/Mar/17Economyzł2,992
Dep. Mon 27/Jun/16Ret. Thu 30/Jun/16Economyzł3,020
Dep. Fri 23/Sep/16Ret. Sat 01/Oct/16Economyzł3,038
Dep. Fri 31/Mar/17Ret. Fri 05/May/17Economyzł3,069
Dep. Fri 29/Jul/16Ret. Mon 01/Aug/16Economyzł3,132
Dep. Wed 18/Jan/17Ret. Fri 27/Jan/17Economyzł3,502
Dep. Mon 19/Sep/16Ret. Fri 30/Sep/16Economyzł3,714
Dep. Thu 12/Jan/17Ret. Thu 19/Jan/17Economyzł3,790
Dep. Sat 01/Apr/17Ret. Sat 15/Apr/17Economyzł3,835
Dep. Fri 06/Jan/17Ret. Tue 24/Jan/17Economyzł4,120
Dep. Sun 01/Jan/17Ret. Mon 09/Jan/17Economyzł4,546
Dep. Sat 24/Dec/16Ret. Wed 04/Jan/17Economyzł4,615
Dep. Sat 24/Dec/16Ret. Mon 02/Jan/17Economyzł4,639
Dep. Sun 01/Jan/17Ret. Tue 24/Jan/17Economyzł4,688
VN Return flights from zł2,251
Dep. Mon 05/Sep/16Ret. Sun 11/Sep/16Economyzł2,251
Dep. Thu 10/Nov/16Ret. Fri 02/Dec/16Economyzł2,251
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Wed 30/Nov/16Economyzł2,251
Dep. Sat 19/Nov/16Ret. Sat 03/Dec/16Economyzł2,251
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Mon 06/Mar/17Economyzł2,251
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Wed 08/Mar/17Economyzł2,251
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Tue 28/Feb/17Economyzł2,326
Dep. Mon 03/Oct/16Ret. Fri 14/Oct/16Economyzł2,396
Dep. Mon 06/Feb/17Ret. Thu 02/Mar/17Economyzł2,397
Dep. Sat 01/Oct/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł2,485
Dep. Sat 26/Nov/16Ret. Sat 10/Dec/16Economyzł2,626
Dep. Mon 19/Sep/16Ret. Fri 30/Sep/16Economyzł2,687
Dep. Thu 29/Sep/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł2,712
Dep. Fri 30/Sep/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł2,784
Dep. Fri 29/Jul/16Ret. Mon 01/Aug/16Economyzł2,832
Dep. Thu 01/Dec/16Ret. Tue 20/Dec/16Economyzł2,832
Dep. Sun 12/Feb/17Ret. Wed 22/Feb/17Economyzł2,832
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Thu 23/Feb/17Economyzł2,832
Dep. Tue 16/Aug/16Ret. Sun 28/Aug/16Economyzł3,049
Dep. Sat 27/Aug/16Ret. Sat 10/Sep/16Economyzł3,049
Dep. Wed 01/Feb/17Ret. Wed 15/Feb/17Economyzł3,049
Dep. Wed 08/Feb/17Ret. Fri 17/Feb/17Economyzł3,049
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Sat 25/Feb/17Economyzł3,049
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Sun 26/Feb/17Economyzł3,049
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Mon 27/Feb/17Economyzł3,049
Dep. Wed 18/Jan/17Ret. Fri 27/Jan/17Economyzł3,340
Dep. Thu 11/Aug/16Ret. Wed 17/Aug/16Economyzł3,630
Dep. Fri 23/Sep/16Ret. Sat 01/Oct/16Economyzł3,630
Dep. Fri 31/Mar/17Ret. Fri 05/May/17Economyzł3,630
Dep. Sat 01/Apr/17Ret. Sat 15/Apr/17Economyzł3,847
Dep. Sun 01/Jan/17Ret. Tue 24/Jan/17Economyzł4,718
Dep. Fri 06/Jan/17Ret. Tue 24/Jan/17Economyzł4,718
Dep. Thu 12/Jan/17Ret. Thu 19/Jan/17Economyzł5,443
Dep. Sun 01/Jan/17Ret. Mon 09/Jan/17Economyzł5,589
Dep. Sat 24/Dec/16Ret. Wed 04/Jan/17Economyzł5,734
Dep. Sat 24/Dec/16Ret. Mon 02/Jan/17Economyzł5,879
Dep. Mon 27/Jun/16Ret. Thu 30/Jun/16Economyzł8,390
AK,TZ Return flights from zł2,297
Dep. Mon 03/Oct/16Ret. Fri 14/Oct/16Economyzł2,297
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Wed 30/Nov/16Economyzł2,302
Dep. Thu 29/Sep/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł2,358
Dep. Fri 30/Sep/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł2,358
Dep. Thu 10/Nov/16Ret. Fri 02/Dec/16Economyzł2,362
Dep. Sat 01/Oct/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł2,418
Dep. Sat 27/Aug/16Ret. Sat 10/Sep/16Economyzł2,422
Dep. Fri 23/Sep/16Ret. Sat 01/Oct/16Economyzł2,658
Dep. Fri 29/Jul/16Ret. Mon 01/Aug/16Economyzł2,980
AK,D7,MM Return flights from zł2,316
Dep. Sat 27/Aug/16Ret. Sat 10/Sep/16Economyzł2,316
AK,D7,TZ Return flights from zł2,382
Dep. Sat 27/Aug/16Ret. Sat 10/Sep/16Economyzł2,382
Dep. Sat 19/Nov/16Ret. Sat 03/Dec/16Economyzł3,483
Dep. Mon 19/Sep/16Ret. Fri 30/Sep/16Economyzł3,752
AK,TZ,XJ Return flights from zł2,382
Dep. Sat 27/Aug/16Ret. Sat 10/Sep/16Economyzł2,382
JQ,TT Return flights from zł2,404
Dep. Thu 10/Nov/16Ret. Fri 02/Dec/16Economyzł2,404
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Wed 30/Nov/16Economyzł2,520
Dep. Thu 01/Dec/16Ret. Tue 20/Dec/16Economyzł2,622
Dep. Thu 11/Aug/16Ret. Wed 17/Aug/16Economyzł2,682
Dep. Sat 26/Nov/16Ret. Sat 10/Dec/16Economyzł2,753
Dep. Mon 03/Oct/16Ret. Fri 14/Oct/16Economyzł2,763
Dep. Mon 19/Sep/16Ret. Fri 30/Sep/16Economyzł2,898
Dep. Fri 30/Sep/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł3,084
Dep. Thu 29/Sep/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł3,138
Dep. Sat 01/Oct/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł3,153
Dep. Sat 19/Nov/16Ret. Sat 03/Dec/16Economyzł3,726
Dep. Fri 29/Jul/16Ret. Mon 01/Aug/16Economyzł3,935
Dep. Fri 23/Sep/16Ret. Sat 01/Oct/16Economyzł4,946
FM,MU Return flights from zł2,449
Dep. Thu 10/Nov/16Ret. Fri 02/Dec/16Economyzł2,449
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Wed 30/Nov/16Economyzł2,918
Dep. Thu 01/Dec/16Ret. Tue 20/Dec/16Economyzł3,177
Dep. Mon 05/Sep/16Ret. Sun 11/Sep/16Economyzł3,217
Dep. Sat 19/Nov/16Ret. Sat 03/Dec/16Economyzł3,217
Dep. Sat 26/Nov/16Ret. Sat 10/Dec/16Economyzł3,516
Dep. Sat 24/Dec/16Ret. Mon 02/Jan/17Economyzł4,191
Dep. Sun 01/Jan/17Ret. Mon 09/Jan/17Economyzł4,266
Dep. Sat 24/Dec/16Ret. Wed 04/Jan/17Economyzł4,341
MU Return flights from zł2,449
Dep. Thu 10/Nov/16Ret. Fri 02/Dec/16Economyzł2,449
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Wed 30/Nov/16Economyzł2,871
Dep. Sat 26/Nov/16Ret. Sat 10/Dec/16Economyzł2,988
Dep. Sat 19/Nov/16Ret. Sat 03/Dec/16Economyzł3,018
Dep. Thu 01/Dec/16Ret. Tue 20/Dec/16Economyzł3,135
Dep. Mon 05/Sep/16Ret. Sun 11/Sep/16Economyzł3,135
Dep. Thu 29/Sep/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł3,282
Dep. Fri 30/Sep/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł3,282
Dep. Sat 01/Oct/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł3,282
Dep. Mon 03/Oct/16Ret. Fri 14/Oct/16Economyzł3,282
Dep. Thu 11/Aug/16Ret. Wed 17/Aug/16Economyzł3,426
Dep. Tue 16/Aug/16Ret. Sun 28/Aug/16Economyzł3,675
Dep. Sat 27/Aug/16Ret. Sat 10/Sep/16Economyzł4,070
Dep. Sat 24/Dec/16Ret. Mon 02/Jan/17Economyzł4,085
Dep. Sun 01/Jan/17Ret. Mon 09/Jan/17Economyzł4,157
Dep. Sat 24/Dec/16Ret. Wed 04/Jan/17Economyzł4,229
Dep. Fri 29/Jul/16Ret. Mon 01/Aug/16Economyzł4,274
Dep. Thu 12/Jan/17Ret. Thu 19/Jan/17Economyzł4,274
Dep. Mon 19/Sep/16Ret. Fri 30/Sep/16Economyzł4,276
Dep. Wed 18/Jan/17Ret. Fri 27/Jan/17Economyzł4,538
Dep. Fri 23/Sep/16Ret. Sat 01/Oct/16Economyzł4,685
Dep. Sun 01/Jan/17Ret. Tue 24/Jan/17Economyzł5,122
Dep. Fri 06/Jan/17Ret. Tue 24/Jan/17Economyzł5,488
Dep. Fri 31/Mar/17Ret. Fri 05/May/17Businesszł11,492
Dep. Sun 12/Feb/17Ret. Wed 22/Feb/17Economyzł11,804
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Thu 23/Feb/17Economyzł11,804
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Sat 25/Feb/17Economyzł11,804
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Sun 26/Feb/17Economyzł11,804
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Mon 27/Feb/17Economyzł11,804
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Mon 06/Mar/17Economyzł11,804
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Wed 08/Mar/17Economyzł11,804
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Tue 28/Feb/17Economyzł11,806
Dep. Sat 01/Apr/17Ret. Sat 15/Apr/17Economyzł12,098
Dep. Wed 01/Feb/17Ret. Wed 15/Feb/17Economyzł12,535
Dep. Mon 06/Feb/17Ret. Thu 02/Mar/17Economyzł12,535
Dep. Wed 08/Feb/17Ret. Fri 17/Feb/17Economyzł12,826
Dep. Mon 27/Jun/16Ret. Thu 30/Jun/16Economyzł18,384
CA Return flights from zł2,464
Dep. Thu 10/Nov/16Ret. Fri 02/Dec/16Economyzł2,464
Dep. Thu 29/Sep/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł3,279
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Wed 30/Nov/16Economyzł3,279
Dep. Thu 12/Jan/17Ret. Thu 19/Jan/17Economyzł3,279
Dep. Wed 18/Jan/17Ret. Fri 27/Jan/17Economyzł3,279
Dep. Wed 01/Feb/17Ret. Wed 15/Feb/17Economyzł3,279
Dep. Mon 06/Feb/17Ret. Thu 02/Mar/17Economyzł3,279
Dep. Wed 08/Feb/17Ret. Fri 17/Feb/17Economyzł3,279
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Thu 23/Feb/17Economyzł3,279
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Sat 25/Feb/17Economyzł3,279
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Sun 26/Feb/17Economyzł3,279
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Mon 27/Feb/17Economyzł3,279
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Mon 06/Mar/17Economyzł3,279
Dep. Mon 20/Feb/17Ret. Wed 08/Mar/17Economyzł3,279
Dep. Fri 31/Mar/17Ret. Fri 05/May/17Economyzł3,279
Dep. Mon 05/Sep/16Ret. Sun 11/Sep/16Economyzł3,280
Dep. Fri 06/Jan/17Ret. Tue 24/Jan/17Economyzł3,280
Dep. Mon 13/Feb/17Ret. Tue 28/Feb/17Economyzł3,280
Dep. Sat 01/Apr/17Ret. Sat 15/Apr/17Economyzł3,280
Dep. Sun 12/Feb/17Ret. Wed 22/Feb/17Economyzł3,289
Dep. Fri 30/Sep/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł3,308
Dep. Sat 01/Oct/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł3,308
Dep. Mon 03/Oct/16Ret. Fri 14/Oct/16Economyzł3,310
Dep. Sun 01/Jan/17Ret. Mon 09/Jan/17Economyzł3,365
Dep. Sun 01/Jan/17Ret. Tue 24/Jan/17Economyzł3,365
Dep. Thu 11/Aug/16Ret. Wed 17/Aug/16Economyzł3,386
Dep. Tue 16/Aug/16Ret. Sun 28/Aug/16Economyzł3,426
Dep. Mon 19/Sep/16Ret. Fri 30/Sep/16Economyzł3,759
Dep. Sat 27/Aug/16Ret. Sat 10/Sep/16Economyzł4,010
Dep. Fri 23/Sep/16Ret. Sat 01/Oct/16Economyzł4,043
Dep. Fri 29/Jul/16Ret. Mon 01/Aug/16Economyzł4,301
Dep. Sat 19/Nov/16Ret. Sat 03/Dec/16Economyzł4,409
Dep. Sat 26/Nov/16Ret. Sat 10/Dec/16Economyzł4,409
Dep. Thu 01/Dec/16Ret. Tue 20/Dec/16Economyzł4,543
Dep. Sat 24/Dec/16Ret. Mon 02/Jan/17Economyzł4,733
Dep. Sat 24/Dec/16Ret. Wed 04/Jan/17Economyzł4,733
Dep. Mon 27/Jun/16Ret. Thu 30/Jun/16Economyzł5,370
Dep. Mon 27/Jun/16Ret. Thu 30/Jun/16Businesszł17,862
TZ Return flights from zł2,472
Dep. Mon 01/Aug/16Ret. Mon 03/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Mon 01/Aug/16Ret. Tue 04/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Mon 01/Aug/16Ret. Wed 05/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Mon 01/Aug/16Ret. Thu 06/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Mon 01/Aug/16Ret. Fri 07/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Fri 16/Sep/16Ret. Mon 03/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Fri 16/Sep/16Ret. Tue 04/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Fri 16/Sep/16Ret. Wed 05/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Fri 16/Sep/16Ret. Thu 06/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Fri 16/Sep/16Ret. Fri 07/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Sat 17/Sep/16Ret. Mon 03/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Sat 17/Sep/16Ret. Tue 04/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Sat 17/Sep/16Ret. Wed 05/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Sat 17/Sep/16Ret. Thu 06/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Sat 17/Sep/16Ret. Fri 07/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Wed 21/Sep/16Ret. Mon 03/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Wed 21/Sep/16Ret. Tue 04/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Wed 21/Sep/16Ret. Wed 05/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Wed 21/Sep/16Ret. Thu 06/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Wed 21/Sep/16Ret. Fri 07/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Thu 22/Sep/16Ret. Mon 03/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Thu 22/Sep/16Ret. Tue 04/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Thu 22/Sep/16Ret. Wed 05/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Thu 22/Sep/16Ret. Thu 06/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Thu 22/Sep/16Ret. Fri 07/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Mon 26/Sep/16Ret. Mon 03/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Mon 26/Sep/16Ret. Tue 04/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Mon 26/Sep/16Ret. Wed 05/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Mon 26/Sep/16Ret. Thu 06/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Mon 26/Sep/16Ret. Fri 07/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Mon 03/Oct/16Ret. Tue 04/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Mon 03/Oct/16Ret. Wed 05/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Mon 03/Oct/16Ret. Thu 06/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Mon 03/Oct/16Ret. Fri 07/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Tue 04/Oct/16Ret. Wed 05/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Tue 04/Oct/16Ret. Thu 06/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Tue 04/Oct/16Ret. Fri 07/Oct/16Economyzł2,472
Dep. Wed 05/Oct/16Ret. Thu 06/Oct/16Economyzł2,476
Dep. Wed 05/Oct/16Ret. Fri 07/Oct/16Economyzł2,476
JQ,TT,TZ Return flights from zł2,492
Dep. Mon 14/Nov/16Ret. Wed 30/Nov/16Economyzł2,492
Dep. Thu 29/Sep/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł2,811
Dep. Fri 30/Sep/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł2,811
Dep. Sat 01/Oct/16Ret. Sat 15/Oct/16Economyzł2,871
Dep. Mon 03/Oct/16Ret. Fri 14/Oct/16Economyzł3,307
Dep. Mon 19/Sep/16Ret. Fri 30/Sep/16Economyzł3,352

These flights have been found in the last 24 hours. Whats this?Prices are from searches made in the last 24 hours and current prices may differ.

Do you need to catch a flight to Sydney? Check out our domestic flights to Sydney. If Sydney is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Tokyo - Narita from Poland and flights to Japan.

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Monthly Average Prices for Sydney to Tokyo - Narita Return Airfares (PLN)

+3  -zł13818  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
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Did you know...

  • 40 airlines fly from Sydney to Tokyo - Narita. This includes CEBU Pacific Air, Xiamen Airlines, Korean Air Lines, Singapore Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Delta Air Lines, AirAsia X.
  • Sydney has the IATA code of SYD.
  • The Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel is within a km from Sydney airport.
  • 9 hours and 30 minutes is the shortest one-way trip from Sydney to Tokyo - Narita
How to get from Sydney to Tokyo
Sydney (SYD)
Tokyo Narita (NRT)
9h 45m
I Want That Flight
ABN 60 115 987 687
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